Shipping Info

Shipping Info

Welcome to our IFashionKilla: Online women’s clothing store, below is your shipping Info.

We’ve put a lot of focus on making sure the items get delivered to our customers as quickly as possible.

Shipping rates

Cost Shipping Time
(business days)
United States US$9.99 10 – 18
Oceania : Australia, New Zealand US$9.99 13 – 18
Poland, Norway, Finland US$9.99 5 – 18
Canada-United Kingdom-Italy US$9.99 10 – 25
Africa-Middle East US$9.99 15 – 25
Spain-France-Australia-Ukraine US$9.99 5 – 18
Russia US$9.99 12 – 25
Netherland US$9.99 5 – 12
Other Countries US$9.99 12 – 25

* Please note:

  • The preparation for delivery (quality checks, packing, paperwork, etc.) usually takes up from 1 to 4 business days and is NOT included in the overall “shipping time”.
  • The prom dresses we make are custom made and they need extra processing time, it may take from 10 to 20 days, outside of the shipping time.
  • All packages have specific tracking information.
  • You will receive a notice e-mail once the order has shipped, the status of the order can be reviewed by logging into “My Account”.

What is the item processing time?

The Item Processing Time is the time from receiving your order to physically dispatching your order.

After receiving your order, we conduct rigorous Quality Control checks and tests in order to ensure the product’s quality prior to shipment to meet your satisfaction.

Furthermore, this can involve detailed in-house checks: material quality, zippers, seams, embellishments and motifs, interiors, lining, etc.

Moreover the total processing time varies depending on the complexity, design and size of the specific product or article. Larger orders will naturally take longer.

The average processing time is approximately 3 business days.